Falcon and The Hambledon have had an enduring relationship and synergy for many years. Owned and founded by Victoria Suffield, The Hambledon is a unique and independent department store, celebrated for its storytelling and playful approach. We’re showcasing the versatility of our wares and colour range at an exclusive popup shop in store to celebrate the start of Spring, the historic town of Winchester and The Hambledon’s genuine love of retail.
We have interviewed Victoria a couple of times before, don’t miss her top tips for setting the table here, and were thrilled to speak to her recently about this collaboration and why she’s embracing colour with Falcon in mind this Springtime.

We're so looking forward to popping up at The Hambledon this month. What do you think your customers will enjoy the most from this collaboration?
We know our customers already love Falcon but this Project is an opportunity for us to showcase the brand, without the, at times, wilful Hambledon edit. I think they’ll love seeing a more comprehensive selection in a dedicated space. I think they’ll love seeing how you approach a retail space. I also hope they’ll love the flowers!

We'll be showcasing the majority of our range and a lot of colour, do you have a favourite Falcon product and colour?
My new favourite things from Falcon are the Marie Rose and Mustard Yellow tumblers and jugs. I’m usually all about the white but I’m going to embrace a touch of subtle colour this Spring. These are going to be my vessels of choice for garden flowers.  

Can you tell us a bit about Winchester and why it's such a unique shopping experience?
It’s a small city with a large and very beautiful cathedral. It’s surrounded by the glorious Hampshire countryside. It’s pretty and historic and I love it. I moved here when we opened the shop and felt immediately at home. Given my line of work, I think I should say that The Hambledon makes it a unique shopping experience but there are lots of other independent shops and restaurants to make for a really lovely day out.

The Hambledon team love using their own Falcon in and around the home. What are you personally using your Falcon for at the moment?
I am an enthusiastic, if inexpert, baker. I love a classic Falcon pie set. The great big enormous size when all the kids are home. Teeny tiny when it’s just me and my husband. I have a Square Bake Tray which I use in the bathroom for all my clutter.

What else are you and your team enjoying in store this Spring?
I am absolutely ridiculously excited about our new paper scraps, though scraps hardly describe their wonder: sheets of foil embossed motifs and vintage coloured illustrations. Just glorious. Spring is always a lovely season in the Womenswear department. Special shout out to Sea New York and their Bonnie Bow Tie group which is beautiful.

Do you have any tips for people looking to entertain at this time of year, and as people make plans for Easter?
I think my top tip for entertaining is to relax and enjoy it. Cook something easy and delicious and surround yourself with people you love, love being with. Make a bit of a fuss of the table laying (for me, that’s the fun bit). Trim some branches of blossom from the trees to decorate. And spend a bit of time outside. If it’s Easter, you absolutely must have an egg hunt.



White with Blue Rim Tumbler

White with Blue Rim 3 Pint Jug

White with Blue Square Bake Tray


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