Find some new home decor inspiration through the lense of Alice Grace Interiors. We love Alice’s focus on how to create character and features in a newbuild home, but there are so many beautifully creative ideas for the home that Alice shares...

F: Can you tell us a bit about you and your beautiful home?

A. Our house is a new build - around 3 years old - and we have spent the last couple of years adding character and features to help make it a more practical and beautiful place to live. I have learnt much along the way and obviously through starting my instagram account, I have been encouraged to share the work and incorporate my love of styling to help launch a new career for myself! We have now just sold our house and are planning to move in the next few months so we are excited for a new chapter, and project.


F. How did you get into styling and photography?

A. After I had my son I spent quite a bit of time at home - I have always enjoyed styling and photography and after starting my instagram account, everything just came together. I love restyling corners of our home and have taught myself a particular photography style just through practice! I find it very relaxing and allows me to be creative in many different ways.


F. Can you describe or give tips on how you might use Falcon enamelware in and around the home at the moment?

A. I love using Falcon in our kitchen - I love how light and practical the items are, as well as being really beautiful to style on our open shelves. I’ve also used Falcon jugs and small cups around the house for small flower arrangements, such as on my bedside table - they are so pretty and add a little pop of colour to a space. As soon as the sunshine came out a few weeks ago, my yellow jug came out to bring Spring inside!


F. You use Falcon enamelware in the kitchen too. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

A. I can honestly say I love all the Falcon items I have - the baking and cooking dishes and trays are so useful and in lockdown I don’t think we could have done any more baking! The little cups are so useful - really easy, and perfect when you have a little one who is prone to breaking kitchen items so they are the perfect solution!


F. Your style of photography is beautiful - do you have any tips for capturing the perfect shot?

A. To me, the most important component to my photography is the lighting - it isn't just about light and dark, but getting it right completely sets the mood and atmosphere you create. Along with your styling, it really helps tell your story and is so important for that single capture of a moment you want to share with your viewers. For my interior pictures, I almost always have the light coming from the side - that is why a lot of my images are taken right next to a window. Use of mirrors and different light/dark objects, as well as textures can help if you are restricted by the light sources on offer. Personally, I love the way light highlights parts of an image, whilst giving shadows to others - and you can really work with this.


F. How have you been keeping during this time? Do you have any tips for small businesses and anyone who might be self employed at the moment?

A. It hasn’t been an easy time at all but Instagram has been so important at connecting with others when loneliness can be a real issue due to lockdown. As someone who is now self-employed, I’ve found it an invaluable space to make business contacts. Supporting others by sharing their work - products or services - can help build your own possibilities and can open doors you might not otherwise have come across. I always believe there is nothing to lose by contacting someone you may wish to collaborate with - I always try to find a name and send a polite email and hopefully something will come of it!


For more inspiration and heartfelt ideas for the home follow Alice here.



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