River Cabaan is a secluded cabin on the Wilson River in Tallamook, Oregon which houses a lot of our wares. We recently caught up with owner, Karie Higgins:


‘The River Cabaan functions as both a weekend getaway for our family and a very popular airbnb, so we like to strike a balance of beautiful, functional objects we can enjoy using in our home, as well as practical pieces that can stand up to heavy guest use - and of course, tiny toddler hands.


Our Falcon pieces are the go-to for campfire meals on our little pebbled beach, eating alfresco on the deck, smores at the firepit and morning espresso on the deck. Having something that looks chic displayed on our open shelving yet is tough enough to take outside and enjoy in the elements by the river is a gamechanger.


The salad bowls are in very heavy rotation for every meal, we cook on the fire and throw everything in there to serve - or use it as a tray to carry everything down to the river (pancakes included!)’


White with Blue Rim Mug

White with Blue Rim Utensil Pot

White with Blue Rim Tumbler


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