If you’re hosting over the coming months, and looking to make some simple updates to your tables and spaces in general then The Hambledon has got you covered. We have popped up at their project space this Spring to create a shop within a shop, celebrating colour and the versatility of their kitchenware favourite.  

Remember for your Easter tables and Spring/Summer events that not only is our enamelware great to cook with, but it's a beautiful way to serve your food too. As the Hambledon states ‘...they work beautifully on a fresh Spring table, indoors or outdoors. Pinch pots are a perfect size for boiled eggs (or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, could be used to showcase your hand-painted eggs). Mix and match enamel tumblers and jugs, and use them for presenting your floral arrangements too. In terms of colour, focus on one of our core colours like our Classic White but add touches of soft pastels and Pigeon Grey as accents.

Nothing says Spring like a daffodil so why not max out with joyful yellow and flashes of sunshine all over the table. Our small size bake pan makes a perfect vessel. But other kitchen stalwarts (bowls, pie dishes and loaf tins) would be equally good.

The Hambledon’s local florist, Jenni Bloom, kindly added some beautifully wild and seasonal additions to our popup space and shared some handy tips to help bring it to life in your own home.

Hedgerow blossom makes a striking suspended starburst. Using forsythia and genista, wrap a circular moss bundle in chicken wire and suspend using fishing wire. Post your cut blossom branches through the chicken wire frame (this keeps them in place), until the metal form is covered in blooms. Water the moss using a long spouted watering can. Maybe don’t water the moss if you’re worried about the drips on the furniture!
For something similar for a table top, fill a plastic pot with moss and wrap the whole thing in chicken wire. Post your stems into the mossy pot.

For smaller details for the table, try using the Falcon Small Tray and a Niwaki Long Flower Frog, Jenni chose Icelandic poppies, ranunculus including buds and tulips for a Japanese inspired arrangement. Stick the kenzan to the base of the vessel using floral fix. Build up using the larger flowers cut shorter and in the foreground, with the smaller buds standing tall and sculptural at the back. This is a lovely clash with the red enamel and the peach poppies.

A florist’s secret weapon… Chicken wire or a pin frog so you don’t need to stuff the vessels full of flowers. Try using wild blackthorn blossom and poppies in a utensil pot; yellow ranunculus in a pinch pot; tulips (with the petals reflexed) in a tumbler.


White with Blue Rim Deep Plates

White with Blue Rim 12cm Bowls

White with Blue Rim 3 Pint Jug


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