For Emily Scott - chef, restaurateur and ever-influential author- less is more. Emily’s classical training in London and France helped form the backbone of her cooking style, her food and approach is simple, seasonal, effortless and she has never not had Falcon in her kitchen.

We are thrilled to introduce Falcon x Emily Scott, a unique collaborative take on Emily’s favourite Pigeon Grey Prep Set. Don’t miss out on this Summer’s must-have item with our co-branded sleeve and exclusive recipe from Emily’s kitchen for a Rose Summer Pudding which utitises each and every bowl in this essential 6-piece set, you’ll need no other tin, pot or pan!

Find out more from a snippet of our most recent conversation below.

‘The ethos of this collaboration is the bringing together of people and joy’... Emily Scott

Emily Scott x Falcon Enamelware Prep Set


The Emily Scott x Falcon Enamelware Prep Set has just launched. Could you tell us more about collaborating with Falcon and what you are looking forward to about the release?
I am so excited to be collaborating with Falcon. What a dream! It has been joyful choosing the prep set and colour. I have chosen pigeon grey which in my opinion will go with any kitchen. There is something classically beautiful about grey, so timeless. I have to confess it was a tough choice as the pillar box red was definitely a contender. Developing the recipe for a Rose Summer Pudding with Fortnum & Mason’s Pink Gin has been delicious.

Could you tell us more about the appeal of Falcon enamelware products to you?
Falcon has always been part of my days by the sea. I can’t remember a time when I did not have Falcon in my kitchen. Such an iconic British brand. It is never hidden behind my kitchen cupboards but always in a place where I can see it everyday. Colour on a grey day… it is stylish, beautiful, versatile, practical and simply a must-have in my kitchen. Teapots, jugs, mugs, colanders, pinch pots, roasting set, baking set and the ever essential prep set. My kitchen is small but practical and beautifully formed, my kitchen is where I feel most at home and creative.
How do you use your Falcon within your restaurants and events?
I use Falcon for our Lobster lunch offering and it works so well. Stylish yet relaxed.

What else do you have coming up this year?
I am excited for my Book Tour which kicks off with a demo at Rock Oyster Festival and ends up at Tresanton Hotel.

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