Here are some of our simple party ideas for breezy summer entertaining, and some visual inspiration for the next time you gather friends and family together.

Opt for delicious finger food or lightened up options to match the season, and where people can help themselves. If you’re entertaining for brunch then try these breakfast recipes by clicking here, they’re Spring and Summer recipes created for us by the ever-inspiring chef and food-writer, Anna Barnett.

Bake a delicious cake to celebrate the occasion of getting together. Try Rukmini Iyer’s recipe for Peach and Dulche de Leche cake by clicking here. Rukmini incorporates the dulce de leche and fresh peaches into an olive oil cake – serving it with crème fraiche or lightly whipped cream alongside.

Try to source a fire pit if you have room and are entertaining in the garden. Gathering around a fire will always feel extra intimate and encourage guests to stay longer. Plus, the fire can be used if it gets cold and will help keep the bugs away.

Turn your utensil pot into a wine cooler for the occasion, mix up a batch of colourful cocktails, and don’t forget the bottle opener. That way you don’t need to keep stepping away to serve drinks.

Use non breakables like your Falcon enamelware, whether you’re inside or out, and make the most out of your serving trays. They’re ideal for carrying out your pinch pots and sauce dishes full of condiments.


Pigeon Grey Salad Bowl Set

Coal Black 3 Pint Jug

14cm Pigeon Grey Sauce Dish


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