Arden’s menu is thoughtfully and sustainably developed using the highest-quality ingredients. Local is their love language. You can enjoy a past interview with the owners here, whilst exploring their top tips for dining with friends, family and dressing your Falcon up or down this Springtime below.

Why does Falcon suit Arden's supper clubs, cafe and beyond?
At Arden's, we strive to be more than a traditional cafe which is why we introduced our supper clubs with Arden's After Hours. Falcon's products suit our needs perfectly because they are so flexible. You can use Falcon enamelware for a variety of dishes and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. We also love to keep things simple so we love the simplicity of the designs.

Can you tell us about the Nit Noi dinner you hosted last year? In this same spirit of trying to expand beyond traditional daytime cafe offerings, we host a variety of community dinners in our space. Last year we began to partner with like-minded local chefs and food concepts to offer a unique culinary experience to our customers. We are dear friends and long-time admirers of Nit Noi, who create delicious hand-crafted broths and thai dishes from scratch. We are also lucky enough to serve their bone broths every day. We decided it would be fun to pair our space with their incredible in a multi-course intimate dinner.

How are you preparing for another Nit Noi dinner this Spring? We are partnering together again for a special dinner in May to celebrate the start of soft shell crab season!

Do you have one particular Falcon product you favour?
The deep plates are always our favorite as they are so incredibly versatile. We use them for nearly every item on our menu! The pitcher jugs are a close second. We've been loving using them as flower vases recently for our spring blooms.

What are you most looking forward to in the Arden's calendar this year?
There is nothing better than a Rowayton summer. We are looking forward to opening the windows, turning up the music, and celebrating the return of the sunshine.

What are your x3 top tips for hosting friends and family dinners?

  1. Keep it simple, less is always more!

  2. A good soundtrack goes a long way

  3. Serving food family style makes everything feel more intimate (and fun)



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