Dee Campling is an inspirational interior stylist, design consultant and influencer. Her style is known to be ‘fresh, eclectic and accessible’. Dee has a knack for offering something of the unexpected and is ultimately really fun and playful with her approach to styling and repurposing items around the home.

Find out how to use your Falcon as a planter or vase and her top tips for keeping your home your sanctuary...

Can you tell us a bit about you and how you came to work in interior design?
I started doing interior design and styling full time 4 years ago after doing it as a side hustle for a couple of years before that. I’ve always been obsessed with interiors and, once my children were older, I took the opportunity to change careers.

You recently used Falcon enamelware for a creative test shoot at home. What’s your favourite product from our ranges and what in particular did you use it for?
I am a lifelong fan of enamelware and already have a collection that I use for camping holidays! Enamelware is timeless, practical and multi purpose and I particularly liked using the pie dishes for floral table displays.

You used a great range of our products for planting flowers and laying a table setting. How might someone recreate this at home?
I always like to ‘think outside the box’ and look at any container as a potential planter or vase. If you’re using enamelware as a vase you will need to use some oasis or similar floristry material to secure the flowers in place and keep them moist.

If you’re using enamelware as a planter, then you must add a layer of gravel along the bottom for drainage, before adding soil and plants. Anything goes really - just have a play!

With table settings it’s all about ‘abundance’ at the moment so don’t be afraid to layer up your table with multiple table cloths, runners, place mats, non-matching tableware, glassware, candles and flowers. If you don’t like colour then use plenty of different textures such as linen, hessian, velvet and raffia. If you do like colour then think about mixing and matching the colours and patterns of your tableware for a rich look.

Is there anyone in the industry (or outside) you'd like to shoutout about in your local area at the moment? Anywhere you source ingredients, any particular restaurants and/or cafes doing interesting things etc?
My local pub The Kings Arms near Cheltenham is doing some very interesting things with mixing up the indoors and outdoors. The food is mostly organic and locally sourced - a real garden fork to table fork philosophy - and the interior and exterior of the pub tries to reflect this blurring of the boundaries.

Do you have any top tips as we all become accustomed to this 'new normal' and continue to spend more time at home?
1. Treat your home as your sanctuary. Make sure that every item in your home makes you happy -from furniture items and colours to accessories.
2. Keep your favourite things out on display to give you a little mood boost as you walk by.
3. Make more of your outdoor space - treat it as another room you can escape to with a covered area for outdoor seating and living. It’s also very useful for hosting family and friends in a safe, socially distanced, yet friendly environment.


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