Good Good Daily is a grocery store and a platform on which the team shares what home cooking is to them, via recipes, food choices and cookware. It’s situated on the Second Street of Sai Ying Pun, a laid-back yet dynamic neighbourhood and one of the earliest developed areas of Hong Kong.

What made you decide to open a restaurant and grocery store?

We have been running a restaurant for around 2 years. From a hobby to a career, cooking still always does it’s magic within us. The process of creating and experimenting with new dishes and pastries with teammates is always a joy. After a day of chores, peace is there when we are back at home, in our kitchen, cooking for ourselves and the ones we love. Since the pandemic, more people have discovered the fun and pleasure in cooking. It was a nice time to share more on what cooking has always been to us. We started sharing simple yet healthy and tasty home cooking recipes on social media. It soon became a platform for us to interact with our customers, on eating and cooking, or as simple as which type of milk we prefer for porridge. And we enjoy that a lot, so much that led to the idea of constructing a real space for that. So happened there was a vacant unit right opposite our restaurant. After months of guessing who our new neighbours would be, we decided to be our own neighbour and set up our grocery store.

You've recently started using Falcon enamelware. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

We love using serving trays of various sizes when preparing to cook. They help a lot in organizing ingredients for our lunch which feeds 8. It’s like doing stretching exercises before working out. The process of sorting food items with the trays on the kitchen surface, is also a rehearsal in mind of how the cooking should be done next. As a Chef friend of ours said, you work clean and your mind clear.

Is there a specific dish that you would make at Good Good using any of our Falcon products? (relevant to the recipe?)

Gambas al Ajillo is one of our go-tos for tastebud travels now that we could not do it physically. The round medium serving dish is just perfect for that, to cook and to serve. We like using it for sugar-coating our doughnuts too; the doughnuts could be smoothly slid on the round rim to flip. We once made lobster sandwiches on a teammate’s birthday. Though it was as well a rush team lunch right before the restaurant's daily opening, it was lovely to see them beautifully stacked, sitting orderly in the rectangular serving tray, brightening up the dining table with their natural vibrant colours, and being ready to be shared by us!

Are there any other local companies you'd like to shout about? Where do you usually eat, drink, and source ingredients in your local area?

The good old Yuen Hing Spice Company. That’s the charm of working in the old town; local gems are just around the corner. It’s a hundred-years old spice shop where you could find over a hundred types of spice, from east to west, in large hemp bags or customized small packets. Further closer to Central, situated on the historical Tai Ping Shan Street, is our friend Mountain Zero Books. In the tiny book house of 2 storeys, they feature books from home and abroad that intimately ties with Hong Kong history and cultural scene. It’s like a library of responses from the shop owner to the current world, full of sincerity and love. La Cabane close to Soho is a bistro and wine cellar which introduces us to natural wines from all over the world. We like going there to meet up with friends on weekend nights, sometimes for a peaceful late lunch on weekday afternoons, and of course to buy wine! Love their selections.
And they are all located on slopes! Such a feature of this district.

How have you been keeping during this time? Do you have any tips for small business owners?

If there was no Covid, we might not have started Good Good Daily. The pandemic took a lot away, but it brought us a lot too. Bruce Lee’s Be-water philosophy has always been on our mind, amidst the sweeping changes in Hong Kong the past few years. If we can ‘empty our mind’, as in not being constrained by existing practices or values, we might be able to ‘be formless, shapeless – like water’. When change comes, we embrace becoming part of the change. It is challenging, but that’s also what’s fun and meaningful to us.


Pillarbox Red Serving Dish Set

Pillarbox Red Serving Tray

Pillarbox Red Pie Dishes


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