Wilder Botanics are concerned with whole wellbeing. A family run business, they produce beautifully therapeutic formulas with no chemicals or preservatives; simply pure natural products for your body. The founder, Rachel, and her husband are hugely passionate about every bottle they make. Find out more and some of Rachel’s top self care tips with us...

F: Can you tell us about Wilder Botanics?

RL. Wilder Botanics creates organic herbal formulations, to help support whole wellbeing within teas, tinctures, soaks and oils. We prepare our products in small batches so excellent quality is ensured and only what's needed is made. Our packaging is fully recyclable and/or reusable.


F. What made you decide to work with herbs in this way?

RL. As a practicing herbalist for nearly 20 years, I saw how so many people were looking for natural alternatives to support their wellbeing but not really knowing where to start or what to trust, so we started Wilder with the hope of inspiring people to be wilder... to connect more with their natural surroundings, the seasons and to look for and recognise the potential of the wild herbs surrounding them. My husband and I started Wilder with just three infusions, all whole herb and organic, our Relaxing Soak, and our Herb Infused Body Oil with Calendula. Each label is illustrated with the herbal ingredients inside by our friend and artist Lerryn Korda.


F. What are your top tips for self care at the moment? Are there any products and/or rituals that you yourself cannot do without?

RL. Concentrating on our nutrition has been super important. Preparing delicious meals has been the highlight of most days! We always have our Cleanse & refresh tea in our teapot and our Longevity tonic in our water flasks! I've been dry body brushing every morning then taking a cold shower, even in these colder months. It's really helped get the endorphins going and my lymphatic system moving.


F. You're a fan of Falcon Enamelware. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

RL. We’ve been using Falcon enamel plates and tumblers since my eldest was a baby. They’re a camping staple too! We love our vintage milk pan and I’m sure there's always been one in the family since I was little.


F. How have you been keeping during this time? Do you have any tips for small business owners?

RL. I think the support of our customers, followers, and other independents has been a much needed source of inspiration when things have been tough. We’ve managed to keep focused on the light at the end and concentrated only on what could be achieved, however little ..tiny steps keep us moving forward.

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Pale Lilac 3 Pint Jug

Mineral Blue Tumbler

Pale Lilac Tumbler


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