This counts as a dessert just as much as it does a hot chocolate – made extra silky and luscious with a large dollop of Nutella, before being given the squirty cream treatment, an aerosol of frothy delight that seems to be universally popular with children (some adults, too), and a pretty useful camping ingredient, being UHT. Did I mention the hazelnuts and chocolate buttons on the top? If you asked my kids which is the most memorable moment from shooting this camping book, it might well be this – in the forest with the fire burning and the owls just beginning to hoot.

Extract: Camper Van Cooking: From Quick Fixes to Family Feasts, 70 Recipes, All on the Move by Claire Thomson. Purchase here.

Hot chocolate with Nutella, hazelnuts and chocolate buttons

Servings 4 Big Cups



•​​ 4 cupfuls whole milk, or use oat, hazelnut or UHT (about 1 litre/ 35fl oz)
•​​ 4 tbsp drinking chocolate
•​​ 4 tsp Nutella
•​​ 1 can of aerosol whipped cream
•​​ handful of hazelnuts, toasted, skinned and roughly chopped (about
•​​ small handful dark (bittersweet) or milk
chocolate buttons (about 30g/1oz)

Warm the milk with the drinking chocolate in a small pan over a moderate heat, mixing well to combine until very hot.

Pour the hot chocolate into 4 mugs and add a teaspoonful of Nutella to each.

Top with a silly amount of whipped cream and sprinkle with the nuts and the chocolate buttons. You will need a spoon!


14cm Coal Black Sauce Dish

Pigeon Grey Mug

Coal Black Serving Tray


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