We are Sarah, Tine and Serena - all three travel crazy and deeply in love with print projects. We have sailed the seven seas in order to collect #tinyadventures and wanderlust filled stories ranging from north to south. Our journey began as a twosome (Illustration-Sailor Sarah & Editor-Pirate Tine) with a dream, a blog and our favourite children’s book “Gretas Schwester”. Then we crossed paths with Layout-Smutje Serena and started creating books and bookazines for modern parents and tiny adventurers. Our books are all about the “Tiny Adventures”...

F: Can you tell us about Tiny Adventures?

S. We believe that there are a million tiny adventures lurking across every corner outside and inside. Our books travel far and wide, but we love integrating adventures to do, bake and create at home. We want to inspire parents to turn any activity into an adventure, like building a bee's hotel, baking cinnamon rolls filled with raisins and apple chunks or carving a sailing boat out of sticks and twigs from the roadside.


F. What can people expect from your new publication, 'On the road in Germany’?

S. With the world turned upside down at the beginning of the year, we decided to go on a treasure hunt in our own country. We asked ourselves: What does Germany taste like? How to travel around Bavaria or Brandenburg, Glücksburg or Nuremberg, Chiemsee or Tonsee? Where would we like to run, paddle, cycle, camp, eat and sleep? And we have never been so surprised when collecting treasures, as we were on this trip around the corner.

We stumbled across mountain peaks and summits. Alpacas and chickens. Wonderful countrysides, the most colorful children's rooms and magnificent greenhouses. Thanks to @whatforbreakfast, @nkith, @ourlifeinthealps or @lotteeva, we dared to venture into corners we had no clue about before. We found delicious recipes from copper-pot-magicians like @krautkopf or @kruut and so much camping magic that we would have loved to move into our tent at the lake:

Germany is certainly not boring. It is colorful, cute and innovative, cool and dwarfish, exciting and wide and wonderful. The best thing about it: the distances are manageable. There are steam engines. There are vans, bikes and bare feet.


F. You used Falcon Enamelware within the camping section of the book. What was your favourite product and what do you use it for?

S. We absolutely love Falcon Enamelware and use our camping gear at home as well. It’s lightweight and a hit with kids that love to play around with everything on the table. We always bring along the deep plates, which we use for every meal and the 12cm bowls, which we love for morning overnight oats or porridge when it gets colder outside. We use our own @gretasschwester enamel mugs, but always have a few stacked tumblers in our backpacks as well for the occasional cocoa or lemonade break.


F. Is there a specific and traditional dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

S. At home we love cooking Anna Jones’s oven baked Strawberry Crisp. We usually make a few using different sized pie dishes and keep leftovers for breakfast the next day.


F. How have you been keeping up during this time? Do you have any tips for small business owners as we all become accustomed to this 'new normal’?

S. These are definitely weird times. We decided quite quickly at the beginning of lockdown to create a children’s book about “The day the world vanished”. So we were quite busy filling a small book with illustrations, do-it-yourself activities and home-adventures. Thanks to the sales of our new children’s book we did quite well, as we did definitely notice a decline in our travel guides at first.

Having a strong online presence helps these days I think, that surely keeps us alive. And we also felt that there was a very strong alliance among small business customers – we wouldn’t have managed to survive without help from all our amazing followers out there.


White with Blue Rim 12cm Bowls

White with Blue Rim Deep Plates

White with Blue Rim Tumbler


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