If you’re looking for tips for living low waste as a family then look no further than Emma at Mamalina who has created a beautifully like-minded community through blogging and social media. We recently caught up with her to discuss all things parenting and her perfect Summer weekend.

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Sure, I'm Emma from London, mum to three boys aged 7,4, and 1, and wife to my childhood sweetheart love, Sam. I created the sustainable parenting blog and Instagram page 'Mamalina' when I was pregnant with my first son seven years ago and struggled to find a space to discuss cloth nappies, slow family living and second hand toys, and much more! I started my career working for Google until I quit back in 2018 to focus full time on running my blog and bringing up the children.


Can you share any top tips for being a low waste parent?

We all know that being a parent can be exhausting and if you add to that trying to reduce plastic and waste, it can all suddenly feel overwhelming. Like with anything in life; find your passion and go from there. So if food is where your heart is, focus on cutting back waste in the kitchen and with the food you consume; if you're a beauty junkie, why not look to switch out all the plastic bottles filling your bathroom? One step at a time to make sure your head is in a good place.


How are you spending time outdoors with your children at the moment?

We spend a lot of time in our garden (although the kids have somewhat wrecked the grass with too much football over winter!), and otherwise we love to go for long walks on the weekend with a backpack for the little one, a rucksack full of snacks and that's pretty much it! We're heading to the beach this weekend which I cannot wait for, and later in the Summer we're off camping.


You're a fan of Falcon Enamelware. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

It has to be the 1 pint jug as it is so freakin' cute and versatile. Whether using it as a vessel for milk or as a little vase for some freshly picked flowers, it is so perfect and completes any table.


What does a Summer weekend look like for you and your family?

It would definitely involve a slow morning, everyone in pjs, with some strong coffee, newspapers (that get read weeks later, realistically), a bit of tv for the kids, some reggae or folk music for the adults, eggs, and way too buttery toast. Eventually when we get the energy we'll get ourselves up and dressed and then we'll probably head out for a big walk.


How have you been keeping through this time, we've seen you mention #coronacalm?

There's definitely been plenty of chaotic times - homeschooling first one and then two children, with a young baby in the picture too. But overall I have a huge feeling of gratitude - we have been able to navigate this time calmly, and learn a lot about each other. Not to mention all the added time spent in Nature during lockdown - that was a real blessing.


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